Midwest Matrix: Continuum

Aug, 2014

A Symposium Celebrating the History and Present of Midwest Printmaking

September 19 – 21, 2014


Prints from the series ‘Hippie Papers’ will be exhibited in this exhibition as part of the Midwest Matrix: Continuum Symposium.



9 – group exhibtion @ Haw Contemporary, KCMO

Jul, 2014


4 new paintings in this summer group exhibition.

Haw Contemporary – Address: 1600 Liberty, Kansas City, MO 64102 (map)



Night – curated by Michael Krueger

Jul, 2014


The group exhibition, Night, opens 7/18

Haw Contemporary – Address: 1600 Liberty, Kansas City, MO 64102 (map)



Night, curated by Michael Krueger, brings together ten artists whose contributions cultivate diverse conceptual, political, hallucinatory and literal depictions of night. The artists in this exhibition include Glen Baldridge, (Brooklyn, NY), William S. Burroughs (Lawrence, KS), Claudia Casarino (Asuncion, Paraguay), Chris Duncan (Oakland, CA), Lois Keeler (Seattle, WA), Misha Kligman (Kansas City, MO), Alex Kvares (Brooklyn, NY), Sean McFarland (San Francisco, CA), Louise Sheldon (Brooklyn, NY) and David Smith (Brooklyn, NY).


Lecture @ Anderson Ranch

Jun, 2014


Sunday, June 22 @ 7PM

Michael Krueger & Sam Chung

Anderson Ranch Art Center (campus auditorium)

5263 Owl Creek Rd.

Snowmass, CO


See Sam Chung’s work here:


Anderson Ranch Art Center Workshop

Jun, 2014


Excited to be returning the the ranch to teach a workshop on color intaglio printing!

Color Intaglio: Cheap, Fast & Out-of-Control

DATES: June 23 – 27, 2014

CONCEPT: This course approaches intaglio from a painterly perspective, with a focus on fabricating a variety of full color prints from a single plate. We learn simple intaglio techniques such as line etch, soft ground, white ground and ground lift techniques to create several unique plates. The goal is to break down traditional intaglio into a medium that can be fluid, free and a little out of control. Workshop participants are introduced to a myriad of techniques by Michael Krueger and encouraged to select the processes that best suit their ideas.

MEDIA & TECHNIQUES: Copper and sentra plate color intaglio with non-toxic and less-toxic materials. A variety of techniques including à la poupée, relief roll, stencil printing, funky rollers, stamping, hand-coloring and viscosity printings.

ACTIVITIES: Hands-on demonstrations, open studio time with instructor support, informal group discussions and individual instruction. We engage in problem solving, discovery and experimentation of printmaking techniques through encouraging, open-minded critiques.



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