Forth Estate NYC (May 10 – 14)

Apr, 2014


Forth Estate is a NYC-based print publishing company specializing in limited edition works by emerging and established artists. We will be working together to publish two new prints. Each will be 6 colors and printed from laser etched woodblocks.


Lecture @ Duke University

Apr, 2014


April 09, 2014 I will be visiting Duke University to conduct a drawing workshop and give a lecture on my recent creative work. A special thank you to Bill Fick for hosting my visit!

Krueger Poster

SGCI San Francisco

Mar, 2014


Southern Graphics Council International, BRIDGES Mar. 26 – 30,. I will be participating in this conference in multiple venues and formats. VIVA PRINT!

Pint N Print, curated by Michael Krueger & Amze Emmons

XXL Relief Prints, Paul Mullowney Print Studio

Free Radicals: Historical Mash-ups and the Poetry of Change (conference panel)
Jenny Schmid, Serna Perone, Michael Krueger, Ben Venom

LRC (Lithopixel Refactory Collective Performance @ San Francisco State University

Nashville Print Revival

Feb, 2014


Pleased to announce my participation on the Nashville Print Revival Feb. 17 – 22. I will be a visiting artist at Vanderbilt University, while in residence I will be working to create a large scale serigraph print, lecture on my creative work and participate in an open portfolio.


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