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Michael Krueger, (Just Like) Starting Over

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Michael Krueger, (Just Like) Starting Over, Haw Contemporary, Kansas City, MO – Exhibition Catalog (2021)

Essay by: David Cataforis


Boston Globe, Art blossoms into ‘Paradise’ at Cade Tompkins Projects  (by Cate McQuaid), Exhibit Review, Text & Image, 03/04/21 (PDF)


Polychrome (arts blog) – Michael Krueger: Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring”, exhibition review, February 28, 2018



Informality (arts blog) – What time is it? Michael Krueger’s “Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring”, Text & Images, 11/03/17



Boston Globe, Duality, Dream Space, and Determination on View (by Cate McQuaid), Exhibit Review, Text & Image, 12/15/15 (PDF)


MW Capacity, A Painters Blog for No-Coasters (arts blog) – Michael Krueger, See Be, Interview by Christopher Lowrance (March 2015)



TEN MILLIMETERS (arts blog) – The Play’s the thing.. Jori Sackin (Feb. 2015)



PRINTERESTING (arts blog) – Nonchalant Radicalism in Print, Michael Krueger, Guest Blog (Nov. 2014)

A version of this post was presented at the 2014 SGCI conference panel, Free Radicals.



Nashville Scene, Renowned Printmaker Michael Krueger Discusses His Full Metal Journals and Upcoming Visit to the Nashville Print Revival, Images & Text, Nashville, TN, 02/20/14



Nashville Scene, Artist Michael Krueger Talks Drop City, Images & Text, Nashville, TN, 02/18/14



Kansas City Star Review of Earthly – Michael Krueger Solo Exhibition @ DOLPHIN (02/27/13)



The Mid American Print Council Journal, Developing the Print Beyond the Press, A Dialogue with Amanda Knowles, Michael Krueger and Stephen Funk by Nick Conbere, Interview, 3 pages, Image & Text, Vol. 21, Numbers 1 & 2, 2013



O’Brien, Anna, Printing in the Panhandle: A Documentary Short Film, HD. Directed by Anna O’Brien, Mar. 2013, Amarillo, TX: West Texas A&M University, 2013. HD Video.



Huffington Post, Must See Painting Shows, Feb. 2013



PRINTERESTING (arts blog) – Review of Nowhere Backwards, Randy Bolton, Michael Krueger & Tom Reed @ Washington University, Des Lee Gallery, St. Louis, MO (Dec. 2012)




Tom Reed, Michael Krueger, Randy Bolton / Nowhere Backwards

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Nowhere Backwards, Tom Reed, Michael Krueger, Randy Bolton, Des Lee Gallery, Washington University, St. Louis, MO – Exhibition Catalog (2012)

Essay by: Hamlett Dobbins


Fecal Face (arts blog) – Michael Krueger, Guest Blog (Mar. 2012)



Melton, Marcus, INKSLINGERS 2012 at Vermillion Press LTD, HD. Directed by Marcus Melton, May 2012, Amarillo, TX: West Texas A&M University, 2012. HD Video.



Oakland Art Enthusiast (arts blog), Review



Book Review, Droppers: America’s First Hippie Commune, Drop City by Mark Matthews, American Studies Journal, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, Vol. 52:2 Jan. 2012



Grotesque Zippo – Engraving War, Graphic Impressions, The Newsletter of SGC International, Summer 2011



Little Paper Planes  – Artist Interview (Feb. 2010)



PRINTERESTING (arts blog) – Michael Krueger, Guest Blog (April 2010)




Michael Krueger / Endless Colony

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Published in the Fall of 2009 on the occasion of the exhibition Michael Krueger – Endless Colony at Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boston, MA. – Exhibition Catalog (2009)


Said the Gramophone (arts/music blog) – Michael Krueger, Guest Blog (Sept. 2009)




Michael Krueger / Full Metal Journals

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Published in the Fall of 2008 on the occasion of the exhibition Michael Krueger – Full Metal Journals at the Kansas City Artist Coalition, Kansas City, MO.  – Exhibition Catalog (2008)

Essay by: Shannon Fitzgerald


Let’s Talk About Love Baby, Artist Chido Johnson Project Participation



Plunder the Influence, Artist Project Blog (arts blog) – Adriane Herman



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