Printmakerly Paintings, Panel @ SGCI PDX

Co-Chairs: Michael Krueger and Amze Emmons

Panelists: Elizabeth Ferrill, Melissa Brown

Flowing back and forth between painting and printmaking has been a constant in the contemporary art world, how these two media and studio mindsets work together and at odds is worth a critical look. How has printmaking benefited from painting and vice versa, how have the two worked in tandem? Printmaking has often been subservient to painting, at least in the greater context of the commercial art world. What Warhol called a painting could also be called a print on canvas, this standard has been reiterated over and over in the art world. Today the lines are becoming increasingly blurred, this discussion will present both contemporary work in painting and print that can be viewed as both, and embedded with content that tells us something new about the two media. The content inherit in print is once again gaining momentum in the greater art world, artists are printing woodcut on canvas, melding digital and print processes into new forms and calling it all painting. Printmakers might want to reclaim these processes, but what is the point? How can the media be reinvented once again, this time perhaps without labels and hierarchy?

Thursday Mar. 31.

3:30pm – 5:00pm

Marriott Oregon Ballroom GHI (Downtown – Portland, OR)