Anderson Ranch Art Center Workshop

Jun, 2014


Excited to be returning the the ranch to teach a workshop on color intaglio printing!

Color Intaglio: Cheap, Fast & Out-of-Control

DATES: June 23 – 27, 2014

CONCEPT: This course approaches intaglio from a painterly perspective, with a focus on fabricating a variety of full color prints from a single plate. We learn simple intaglio techniques such as line etch, soft ground, white ground and ground lift techniques to create several unique plates. The goal is to break down traditional intaglio into a medium that can be fluid, free and a little out of control. Workshop participants are introduced to a myriad of techniques by Michael Krueger and encouraged to select the processes that best suit their ideas.

MEDIA & TECHNIQUES: Copper and sentra plate color intaglio with non-toxic and less-toxic materials. A variety of techniques including à la poupée, relief roll, stencil printing, funky rollers, stamping, hand-coloring and viscosity printings.

ACTIVITIES: Hands-on demonstrations, open studio time with instructor support, informal group discussions and individual instruction. We engage in problem solving, discovery and experimentation of printmaking techniques through encouraging, open-minded critiques.


Forth Estate NYC (May 10 – 14)

Apr, 2014


Forth Estate is a NYC-based print publishing company specializing in limited edition works by emerging and established artists. We will be working together to publish two new prints. Each will be 6 colors and printed from laser etched woodblocks.


Lecture @ Duke University

Apr, 2014


April 09, 2014 I will be visiting Duke University to conduct a drawing workshop and give a lecture on my recent creative work. A special thank you to Bill Fick for hosting my visit!

Krueger Poster

SGCI San Francisco

Mar, 2014


Southern Graphics Council International, BRIDGES Mar. 26 – 30,. I will be participating in this conference in multiple venues and formats. VIVA PRINT!

Pint N Print, curated by Michael Krueger & Amze Emmons

XXL Relief Prints, Paul Mullowney Print Studio

Free Radicals: Historical Mash-ups and the Poetry of Change (conference panel)
Jenny Schmid, Serna Perone, Michael Krueger, Ben Venom

LRC (Lithopixel Refactory Collective Performance @ San Francisco State University

Nashville Print Revival

Feb, 2014


Pleased to announce my participation on the Nashville Print Revival Feb. 17 – 22. I will be a visiting artist at Vanderbilt University, while in residence I will be working to create a large scale serigraph print, lecture on my creative work and participate in an open portfolio.


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